Workshop launch report


Launch report

Hello Claimerzz, everything is said in title, the workshop launch will be delayed for some days. Script functioning was not optimal, so we decided to start it again to see more clearly. After spending the day there, most of the code is restored, so it should be ready relatively quickly. There is therefore a little delay on all the functions available around the workshop and improvements.

Some details to wait

Here are some details about the workshop to make you wait! As expected, access will be at level 10 and you will have a free lab to start (ETH, LTC or DOGE). The other labs will then be available at the store at a unit price of 100 Darkmatter. It will be possible to upgrade the labs individually to improve their performance and increase their revenues for an identical hydrazine consumption. Also, the production speed can also be improved, making the labs even more efficient!

Monthly missions bug

First of all thank you to the user Skylyte which indicated to us a significant malfunction. There was an error wich prevented the monthly rewards reset, it was resolved. A bag filled with full hydrazine and darkmatter was sent to thank him.

I take this opportunity to ask you for a favor. If just like him you notice a major error preventing the proper functioning of the game, send us the info on the Twitter account. You can also attach a screenshot to help us solve the problem!

For now, Twitter account is the only way to contact us, but as soon as the workshop is running a contact form will be set up.

Thank you if you read until the end and see you soon for the launch!


Short update


A short message to inform you that shortlinks are online, you can now cumulate Hydrazine to spend later in the Workshop. There are just 4 shortlinks at the moment, the list will grow in the coming days.

EDIT : old hydrazine balance has been multiplied by 3


Workshop, Hydrazine and extended promotion

Good morning all. It's been a while since the last post but above all, a few words about the current situation. Every day a larger part of population is confined. Covid 19 is gaining ground, it is important to take care of yourself and your loved ones. Protect yourself, stay at home when possible and give our full support to those who need it.


He finally arrives : the WORKSHOP !
Workshop will be the place where you earn cryptos without being at the computer. It will be accessible from level 10 and will work from different labs. A laboratory corresponds to a currency and it needs hydrazine to work. It will be possible to improve each one individually. Of course, several labs can operate at the same time, they will just consume more hydrazine.


To allow the workshop to run you will need Hydrazine. You can find them by manking shortlinks and in an additional faucet (like a planet). In a second step will be added the offerwalls to earn larger quantities.
Some of you may have already gained hydrazine in missions. The ratio ($$ / Hydrazine) will change at launch. Rest assured, everything you earn so far will be converted to the new ratio.

Extended promotion and new missions

With the progressive implementation of containment around the world, I decided to extend the 100% referral promo some days more. The darkmatter is always X2 until end of March and other promotions of this kind will be avalaible from time to time.
New missions will arrive with the Workshop, thank you for being more and more to join us!

Spread the word, refer your friends ;)


Short update : V2.01

Hello claimerzz.
Above all, I hope each of you had a good time during the Christmas holidays. I wish you all my best, and hope that this year will be filled with hapiness for you.


To reduce minimum withdrawal threshold, ExpressCrypto (EC) was added as a payment method. The process remains manual and can take up to 72H. In most cases your payment arrives well in advance. Of course, withdrawals by direct wallet are always avalaible. The withdrawal threshold has been set for the moment at :

  • 50 000 gweis (ETH)
  • 50 000 litoshis (LTC)
  • 20 DOGE


Some minor details have been fixed and you can now consult refferal tab. You will find some banners to sponsor new merchants from your website.

Missions feature is in progress, 3 categories will be available at launch : Daily, Monthly, Unique. You will be able to win more Darkmatter, and Hydrazine, who will serve for the other important feature.

Some spoil about this feature : the Autoclaim! All claimers likes autofaucet. don't worry you will soon know more about the WORKSHOP.

I gradually finish wiki and planet's skins, some planet improvements may not yet have any visual effect


Contest is still active, just post proof of payment HERE to be paid 2 times, no registration required.

Promotion time ended, return to normal rates for Darkmatter & MineXP.

Spread the word, refer your friends ;)


Happy holidays to everyone


To wish you all a Merry Christmas, all DarkMatter and Mine XP are multiplied by 2 until the end of year! Increase your rank and get ready for the next update.


To help us gain reputation with users, we need your help!

This is why the first 10 to post payment proof HERE will receive their payment twice. Yes, 2 times!! (only one participation possible per user)

Just reach the minimum amount, get paid 2 times!

Spread the word, get your reflink HERE

A last info, daily missions are in preparation, so the most efficient merchants will be rewarded even more


Only the begining..


This month was a race against the clock. I will try not to be too long but there is a lot to explain!


As mentioned in the previous post, all claims are now reserved for members. When you are registered, you can access your profile wich allows you to follow detailed stats, informations and withdrawal links. You will also find your referral link wich is now unique! The site has been completely revised, and it works again by offering you direct payment to withdrawal funds.

Have you seen your avatar? Click on the picture from any page to quickly access your profile


He was expected, he is here! The claim system has been fully reviewed. You will now have to explore the galaxy to found the best colonies there. All players start with 3 planets, wich they will have to improve for bigger rewards. The planets can be improved with the new game resource,

can be obtained when you sell resources from a planet.

To sell resources, nothing is easier. Your facilities work when you are away, and the longer you wait, better is the price! Go on any planet and complete the captcha to sell your resources. You get extra and Mine XP when you claim. Try to find the best compromise between duration and value.

Another new feature is the Mine. All your planets start with level 1 mines. Each claim give you mine XP, so the merchants with the most sales will have better bonuses (+0.1%/LVL). There are no limits, take advantage of it!

You can also improve your planets during the game. Simply click on the planet when you are on the claim page, you will access the improvements.


Withdrawal are now made on direct wallets. There is now a minimum to reach to make a request. Payment are processed manually, don't worry if you don't receiveit within 10 minutes after your request! Usually, it will be 2 or 3 days maximum.

Thank you all for continuing to trust me, i know it is complicated to switch from Faucethub and its direct payment to the new version and a minimum amount to reach.. Stay tuned, the next post will offer you a little bonus =)

EDIT : All old players have been credited an extra 500 Dm!


My dear friends, after FaucetHub annoucement the Faucet industry will have to adapt.


From the beginning, i wanted each claim paid directly to the user. I am a claimer too and i know how frustating is it when you reach the balance and a faucet owner don't paid you.

Direct payment was the best solution to be sure to be paid. At first, i'll need to change that.. Be sure that several methods will be studied and considered but right now, i need inevitably work on a payment from direct wallet. You and i will be sure never live this situation another time, because it could happen to other micro-faucets.

To be able to pay you from a "regular" wallet, the claim will go first in a balance. You can transfer the balance after reaching the minimum amount. Without a doubt, i'm going to have to remove some currencies, wich are at a much higher fees now. However, some should be added soon.

When the direct payment is functional, you will see some great bonuses. You know i'm working on a xp system with levels and stuff. And apart from this incredible news from FaucetHub, i had planned an important evolution for Claimermaster :

  • Global overhaul from the referral system, ONE link give you 50% commission from ALL currencies (before : ONE link/currencie)
  • XP system
  • Lvl and bonus
  • Opportunity to improve base claim
  • More cool stuff
  • Access to the claim will be restricted to registered users

Those who will continue with us will soon be able to become true Masters of the Claim!