EDIT : Sorry for the very summary layout, this is not priority!

My dear friends, after FaucetHub annoucement the Faucet industry will have to adapt.


From the beginning, i wanted each claim paid directly to the user. I am a claimer too and i know how frustating is it when you reach the balance and a faucet owner don't paid you.

Direct payment was the best solution to be sure to be paid. At first, i'll need to change that.. Be sure that several methods will be studied and considered but right now, i need inevitably work on a payment from direct wallet. You and i will be sure never live this situation another time, because it could happen to other micro-faucets.

To be able to pay you from a "regular" wallet, the claim will go first in a balance. You can transfer the balance after reaching the minimum amount. Without a doubt, i'm going to have to remove some currencies, wich are at a much higher fees now. However, some should be added soon.

When the direct payment is functional, you will see some great bonuses. You know i'm working on a xp system with levels and stuff. And apart from this incredible news from FaucetHub, i had planned an important evolution for Claimermaster :

Those who will continue with us will soon be able to become true Masters of the Claim!